Call for Papers: National Wellness for Law Forum

At a time when one-quarter of Australian tertiary students and a large proportion of the legal profession including members of the judiciary are affected by mental ill-health in any given year, it is clear that wellness must play a central part in everyday and strategic planning at tertiary institutions and in workplaces around the country. Wellness is, therefore, core business, but also poses significant challenges in responding to individual and collective needs appropriately and within the resource constraints facing our organisations and sectors. This Forum seeks to explore scholarship and share experiences in making wellness an integral part of life at law schools and in tertiary education, and at all levels of the legal profession.

Proposals for presenting a paper or panel at the Wellness For Law Forum 2019 are cordially invited

Presenters from Australia and overseas are encouraged to submit papers for:

Day 1: Wellbeing in Legal, Medicine and Health Science Education

As well as providing an annual forum for sharing ideas on legal education and psychological wellbeing, the 2019 Wellness for Law Forum aims to develop a new Australian network of scholars and teachers in Medicine and Health Sciences interested in the psychological wellbeing of their students. Interested educators and scholars from Medicine and Health Sciences are invited to present their work on student wellbeing. Additionally, a special session, facilitated by Wellness for Law Network creator Professor Rachael Field, will be convened with the aim of establishing a Wellness for Medicine and Health Sciences network.


Day 2: Wellbeing in the Legal Profession

Day 2 will cover wellness across the entire spectrum of the legal profession from junior lawyer to Supreme Court judge, including the transition from the tertiary learning experience to professional life. Papers are therefore invited from researchers into all aspects of wellness and wellbeing in the legal profession.

Note: Papers outside of the theme Making Wellness Core Business but still focusing on wellbeing in tertiary education in law, medicine and health sciences and wellbeing in the legal profession will be considered, but priority may be given to papers more closely aligning to the Forum’s theme.

Preparing and Submitting a Paper or Panel Proposal

Proposals for a paper should include a title and abstract of between 100 and 300 words. Please also include your name/s, institutional affiliation/s (if any) and up to six keywords describing your topic.

Alternatively, a proposal for a Panel involving discussion or other formats will be considered. If you are proposing a panel, please state the title of the panel, with a brief description, together with the names of the panelists presenting. Where possible, we would encourage panel proposals to be submitted with the full set of abstracts appended.

Deadline for paper/ panel submissions: Thursday 20 December 2018

For more information and to submit your abstract, visit the Forum’s website.

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