After the dust settles, what happens after a hackathon?

A version of this post was originally posted on Linkedin on 2 March 2018 and has been republished here with permission.

By Olivia Bakyew

Last month, I had the privilege of mentoring at the Melbourne Global Legal Hackathon (GLH) at Monash University. 40 cities across six continents hosted their own legal hackathon from 23 -25 February.

Hackathons often get called out for being too novel and detached from reality. For most teams, a weekend of hacking will not often translate into a startup. But hackathons serve a greater purpose than that.

The GLH provided a forum for participants to meet their future co-founders, to challenge their assumptions about the legal sector and it gave participants a moment to envision and re-imagine what the legal sector could be.

Global Legal Hackathon Participants: Source

Our generation has the chance to create their own opportunities in the law. Let’s keep that momentum going. There are many outstanding events coming up in March and I hope you take the time to attend some of them.

1. Redesigning Justice: Melbourne Design Week 2018

The team from Portable are running a panel discussion around redesigning access to justice on 20 March. Learn more and register here.

2. In Conversation – Open Mic by The Legal Forecast

The Legal Forecast brings you the opportunity to pitch your idea to a new audience and network with like-minded lawyers and legal staff. Learn more and register here.

3. Subscribe to Lexoo InCounsel Weekly

Curated by David Bushy of Lexoo, InCounsel Weekly is a superb way to keep up with what’s new in the legal tech world. Bonus points for being Australia-based. Subscribe here.

4. Getting client-focused in the justice system

If you’re interested in access to justice, understanding client-focused design is key. Peter Noble shares some of his insight and a few good examples.

5. NewLaw: New Lawyers Symposium

Latrobe University is hosting a symposium on how the legal profession is changing, and how lawyers might respond to that change on 15 March. Learn more here.

6. Law By Design

This online book was created by lawyer and designer Margaret Hagan to share her insights into the legal design process. The book lays out a pathway to solving legal problems in a creative, user-centred and collaborative way.

7. Beyond Billables Podcast

In Beyond Billables two ex-lawyers chat with some of the most innovative members of the legal industry. Read more about our favourite legal podcasts.

8. Connect with ACJI

The Australian Centre for Justice Innovation (ACJI) at Monash University strives to improve justice systems through research, education and community engagement. You can get involved by following us on social media, attending our events or signing up to our mailing list.

Featured image by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

About Olivia Bakyew
Olivia is a project officer at Victoria Legal Aid working on assessing legal need using data-driven and human-approached based methodologies.

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