TechUp Law: Monash Law Ambassadors’ guide to digital disruption

Monash Law Ambassadors have created a student publication, TechUp Law, to improve law students’ understanding of digital technologies in the legal industry. The publication provides students with an introductory guide to the future of law and technology. It aims to ‘inform, educate and inspire students to get a head-start in their future career by understanding the digital context we live in.’

The guide includes articles written by legal professionals and current students on an array of helpful topics for future lawyers, including:

  • The importance of tech skills and how to improve them
  • Disruptive technologies such as blockchain and smart contracts
  • How to be successful as a digital lawyer
  • Online personal branding

It also includes interviews with innovators and entrepreneurs, discussing examples of how technology has impacted their careers.


Providing students with a guide to digital disruption in the law helps to prepare them for entering the legal profession. By improving their understanding of how legal services are changing, law students become better equipped to contribute to the legal industry. The guide encourages students to learn non-legal skills such as social media management and coding, which can enhance their employability. It provides practical suggestions as to how students can diversify their skillsets outside of their studies. This information is a fantastic resource for students seeking to improve their career prospects.

ACJI commends the Monash Law Ambassadors for putting together this helpful guide for students. Legal technology and innovation is a key focus area of ACJI’s research, education and engagement programs. We have supported students in preparing for the changes taking place in the legal profession through our Online Dispute Resolution unit. We have also organised events in this area, including a mini legal hackathon and a panel discussion on careers in legal tech and entrepreneurship. We look forward to continuing to support students in this area in the future.

You can access Monash Law Ambassadors’ TechUp Law guide here.

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