What is the Australian Centre for Justice Innovation?

The Australian Centre for Justice Innovation (ACJI) strives to improve justice systems through research, education and community engagement programs. ACJI was established in 2011 as a joint initiative between the Faculty of Law at Monash University and the Australasian Institute for Judicial Administration.

Our justice environment is rapidly evolving. Technology is disrupting legal services and providing opportunities for legal systems to become more accessible and efficient. The rise of non-adversarial practices has shown that there can be better alternatives to traditional court processes. This emergence of innovative approaches to justice creates a need for policy makers, courts and tribunals, law firms, legal services, the legal profession, educators and the community to adapt and respond.

To address this need, ACJI conducts high quality research and evaluation to support effective policy and practice innovation. ACJI’s research provides an evidence base for improvements to justice systems and increased accessibility for system users and stakeholders. Our work builds on the Monash Law Faculty’s strong history of research excellence and promoting social justice.

ACJI’s research, education and engagement programs focus on justice innovation in the following key areas:

Dispute resolution and civil justice

  • ADR (including mediation, arbitration), civil litigation and assessing system performance and procedural reform

Access to justice

  • Making the law and legal systems more user-friendly and accessible, including through the use of technology and service innovation

Non-adversarial justice

  • Restorative justice, procedural justice, problem-solving approaches and therapeutic jurisprudence

The future of lawyering and the legal profession

  • Sustainability and wellbeing in the legal profession, the dynamics of legal services markets, and lawyering and legal education in the 21st century

Legal technology and innovation

  • Online dispute resolution, legal profession disruption and digital legal information

Evidence-based research

  • Empirical legal research and evaluation to build the evidence base for driving reform and better practice

In addition to our research and education programs, ACJI actively contributes to the public discussion on justice innovation. ACJI events provide opportunities for the community to hear from thought leaders in justice innovation. ACJI’s personnel are frequently involved in public events and media appearances.

To learn more about ACJI’s recent community engagement, visit our Latest Activities page.

To stay informed about ACJI’s upcoming events and activities, subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

ACJI infographic (4)


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